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Curriculum Based Programs

A dynamic execution of the current classroom curriculum in a half-day, full day or multi-week program. Students participate kinesthetically and creatively in mathematics, science, humanities and English, actively engaging their knowledge into 3-dimensional LEGO® form. Our trainer-teachers lead the custom-created program. The classroom teacher is able to participate in the fun and promote appropriate activities to suit their classroom needs. A thrilling activity to include into any lesson plan!

The program is custom developed asper school requirements. This may include and is not limited to:

  • Specific grade level content and activities
  • Course Content: Mathematics, Science, English, Social Studies (Geography, History)
  • LEGO® building supplies and documents/handouts
  • Question/answer exploration

LEGO® Building Program Curriculum at a Glance

1. Animals

  • Carnivores, Herbivores, and Omnivores
  • Students build environment for each animal

2. Perimeter, Area, Length, Width, Height, Depth

  • Students fill out chart asking questions about each
  • Awareness on how many LEGO®bricks in your structure

3. Earthquake Proof Buildings

  • Analyze effects of forces from natural phenomena
  • Students create a solid building that can withstand shaking

4. Pyramids

  • Students learn the history of pyramids and the different types
  • Construction of Step Pyramids and True Pyramids
  • Focus on support for the structure to withstand the forces of nature

5. Medieval Castles

  • Discussion of how medieval communities worked together
  • What is the keep? Who lived inside the castle walls?
  • Student build castles complete with rooms, dungeons, and moats

Other Projects include:

  • Flags of the World
  • Electricity – Hydro, Solar, Wind, Nuclear,
  • Thermal
  • Bridges – Beam Bridge, Arch Bridge, Suspension

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